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SunChild makes the world a little brighter

Releasing positive affirmation cards for kids to help keep their light shining   


From a young age we’re unintentionally bombarded with words and images that impact our very being. Effectively dimming our “inner light”. Wellness and holistic brand, SunChild has released 27 affirmation cards focusing on empowering thoughts that encourage positive thinking and boost self-esteem in children.

Having a background in Steiner education and working with children since a young age, entrepreneur and founder will be aiding them to grow with resilience, happiness and a deep connection to natures’ support. SunChild believes that it is never too early to know how magical and unique you are; that you hold everything you need within to create a life full of happiness. 

The cards include statements such as ‘I am Brave, ‘I am Beautiful’, ‘I am Loved’ and include a description and hand-crafted illustrations.  The truly unique cards have been consciously created to speak to whatever level of consciousness the child is at, it’s a really simple reminder which builds the resilience of a child at are every growth, to know no matter what dark clouds may come their way, their bright light will always shine them away

Based on her own experiences Charlotte Ziff said:

“Having lost my mother when I was two years old, my father remarried and my childhood became a dark place. I developed a negative belief system of myself, as a result of a difficult home life. Thinking that the world was against me, I constantly was seeking for love and comfort outside of myself. This all changed the moment I learnt to meditate, it become very clear that I could achieve anything, having natures full support and deserving all the love in the world.

The vision was to nurture children’s lights with positive ‘I am statements’ so that they could grow with a positive belief system, that they can achieve anything! By giving children this knowledge, we are reminding them daily of their natural state of bliss. They can grow confidently with a strong sense of self, believing that they are beautiful, fulfilled and loved, just the way they are.” 

The cards have no bias, no preconceived judgement or labels:

“My aim was to create a universal product, that could speak to everyone having no age and no gender and no religion. Something that a child or even adult could connect to no matter on their background.” 

 Each deck of SunChild cards include 27 positive affirmation statements created in Australia using recycled paper. 5% of all profit is donated to ‘Feel the Magic’ charity; supporting children suffering from grief, offering bereavement education and support. The cards retail for $34.95 and can be purchased online at



Pictured: Charlotte Ziff, SunChild founder. 

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About SunChild
27 Positive Affirmation Cards to Nurture Children Of All Ages’ Inner Light.

Inside each child holds a magical light within, let’s keep that light shining.

The ‘I am’ statements become the lenses of how the child see themselves in the world, followed by a thought of the day which plants the seed further that they can achieve anything, whilst connecting back to natures support. 

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