Positive Affirmations to Empower all Children

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Affirmation Cards

All children hold a natural light inside, though they can lose this sense of ‘self’ as they grow.

Our affirmation cards remind children they are loved, fulfilled & whole just the way they are through ‘I Am’ statements.

Customer Love

"I've been looking for kids affirmations for a while & nothing resonated but when I saw the SunChild affirmation cards I knew they would be the perfect which they are! So BEAUTIFUL, MAGICAL & meaningful messages for my kids. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!"

Luca, Mum of 5

“Sunchild is a great invention. Some people may think the words on the cards are fake but I know the words are real”

Jett Goldberg (age 7)

“The SunChild cards allow my children to feel grateful for something rather than fearful. If I had learnt that when I was 7 or 8 how different the world would be."

Jackie Mum to Billy & Evie

"Ruby has struggled with anxiety and burst of anger, I have been at my wit’s end. The SunChild cards have really turned her around and we have seen so much improvement in her behaviour...It’s amazing. Thanks so much for these beautiful cards."

Belle mum to Ruby

Hand-painted made with recycled paper and love

5% of every sale is donated to Feel the Magic Charity to support children suffering from grief

Builds children's resilience & empowers them to have a positive outlook on life

Speaks to all children- no matter on age, race or gender

Shining Light To Children Around The World

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