Feel The Magic


SunChild is proud to support

Feel the magic is an Australian Not for Profit Organisation whose purpose is to create a world where children & teenagers who are experiencing grief from death are supported to reach their full potential.


From every sale, SunChild donates 5% to support grieving children, so that they don’t feel isolated, rather create an environment where children can be inspired and empowered to succeed in spite of their loss. 

Having lost my mother at two, I grew up feeling very alone and confused that I didn’t have a mothers support. I always felt as if something was missing and couldn’t communicate this with my other family members, for fear I may upset them more. Over twenty years later I have come to terms with my mother’s passing. I feel her every day and know she gave me the greatest gift any mother could give her child, to always act with Grace and Strength. 

This is why I believe the charity feel the magic is so important, as children and families are encouraged to grow, develop and share with others in similar circumstances. Feel the Magic aspires to instil the values of empathy, empowerment, growth and connection in the lives of families affected by grief.

In loving memory of our angel Mummy Kay. Forever in our hearts and one of the brightest stars in the sky.